The Blood Spilt

Anglais The Blood Spilt (édition en anglais)


Ityes'>#8217;s midsummer in Swedenyes'>#8212;when the light lingers through dawn and a long, isolating winter finally comes to an end. In this magical time, a brutal killer has chosen to strike. A female priestyes'>#8212;who made enemies and acolytes in equal numberyes'>#8212;has been found hanging in her church. And a bigcity lawyer quite acquainted with death enters the scene as police and parishioners try to pick up the pieces....Not long ago, attorney Rebecka Martinsson had to kill three men in order to stop an eerily similar murder spreeyes'>#8212;one that also involved a priest. Now she is back in Kiruna, the region of her birth, while a determined policewoman gnaws on the case and people who loved or loathed the victim mourn or revel in her demise. The further Rebecka is drawn into the mysteryyes'>#8212;a mystery that will soon take another victimyes'>#8212;the more the dead womanyes'>#8217;s world clutches her: a world of hurt and healing, sin and sexuality, and, above all, of sacrifice.In prose that is both lyrical and visceral, yes'>#197;sa Larsson has crafted a novel of pure entertainment, a taut, atmospheric mystery that will hold you in thrall until the last, unforgettable page is turnedFrom the Hardcover edition.

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Rayons : Policier & Thriller > Policier

Asa Larsson

  • Pays : Suede
  • Langue : Suedois

Asa Larsson, l'auteur de polar la plus aimée des Scandinaves, compte des millions de lecteurs à travers le monde. Les cinq tomes de la série autour de Rebecka Martinsson sont en cours de traduction dans 30 pays. Asa Larsson a grandi à Kiruna, 145 km au-dessus du cercle polaire Arctique, où se déroulent également ses romans. Avocate comme son héroïne, elle se consacre désormais à l'écriture.