The Book of Love The Book of Love
The Book of Love The Book of Love

Anglais The Book of Love (édition en anglais)

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Cultures throughout Europe believed there was once a gospel written in Christ's own hand, a treasure of almost unimaginable magnitude. It was referred to by the Cathar culture in France, who claimed to be direct descendants of Christ, as The Book of Love. But the teachings in The Book of Love were radical and contrary to the political agenda of the Church. Papal forces launched one of the bloodiest crusades in history against the Cathars in an effort to wipe out their 'heresy' - and to gain possession of the original, incendiary manuscript - a document so revolutionary that its contents would be considered ground-breaking and visionary 2000 years later. In The Book of Love, Maureen Paschal continues her journey of discovery begun in The Expected One, following evidence in stone and stained glass, clues left 800 years ago by the ancient architects of the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe. As Maureen and her team get closer to the truth, they find themselves locked in the most ancient human struggle - the epic battle between good and evil.

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Kathleen Mcgowan

Kathleen McGowan, historienne et journaliste, sillonne le monde sur les traces de la légende de Marie Madeleine. Les conclusions de son enquête ouvrent des perspectives nouvelles et passionnantes sur ce qui pourrait être l'un des secrets les mieux gardés de l'histoire.ÿLes deux premiers volumes de cette saga ont connu un vif succès : plus de 350 000 exemplaires vendus en France, traduction dans 40 langues.